B.Sc. Agril. Biotechnology

Plant Biotechnology

Department Head

  • Mr. Vijay K. Raut
  • Asst. Professor

Instruments and facilities:

  • Laminar Air flow, Media preparation room, inoculation room, growth room, Gradient PCR, Gel Doc, High Speed Centrifuge, Nanodrop Spectrophotometer, shaking incubator, ovens etc.

  • The Plant biotechnology laboratory space is fully equipped for plant molecular biology work and plant tissue culture applications, and is available to provide all the necessary laboratory facilities required for the students.

Animal Biotechnology

Department Head

  • Rohini B. Pawar
  • Asst. Professor

Instruments and facilities:

  • PCR, High Speed Centrifuge, Spectrophotometer, incubator, oven, deep freeze, water bath etc.

  • The Department of Animal Biotechnology working on different aspects for the betterment of animal health. In this department work on Molecular Diagnostics, Reproductive Biotechnology and Animal Genomics. Under molecular diagnostics, detection, isolation and characterization of viral pathogens of livestock. In this department various instruments like, nucleic acid based conventional PCR / real time RT-PCR.

Biochemistry and Molecular Biology

Department Head

  • Dr. R.R. Agarrwal
  • Asst. Professor

Instruments and facilities:

  • Instruments: SDS PAGE unit, Centrifuge, Spectrophotometer, Soxhlet apparatus, Incubator etc.

  • Our Biochemistry laboratory is fundamental in nature, dealing with the identification and classification of various carbohydrates, acid-base titrations of amino acids, isolation of proteins from their natural sources, etc.

Post Harvest and Food Biotechnology

Department Head

  • Ashish P. Sarkale
  • Asst. Professor

Instruments and facilities:

  • Muffle Furnace, Microwave oven, Hot air oven, Tray Drier, Fermenter, Micro Kjeldhal etc.

  • Food Processing and Post-harvest Handling laboratory is established with the goal to transfer knowledge regarding reduction of postharvest losses and improving the quality and marketability of fresh horticultural products.
  • Food Processing and Post-harvest Handling laboratory is developed to increase access to safe and nutritious foods along the value chain by improving the drying and storage capacity of raw food through diversified processed products that address quality in the market and nutritional needs.

Department of Crop Sciences

Crop Science is minor department which includes various inter disciplinary courses for which we are maintaining following facilities.

  • Crop Cafeteria
  • Poly House
  • Green house
  • Cattle Shed
  • Farmpond
  • Gobar Gas Plant
  • Waste Water Plant
  • Computer Laboratory
  • Microbiology & Pathology Laboratory
  • Entomology Laboratory